Using with Projectile

Projectile supports ag.el. If you have Projectile installed, C-c p s s runs ag on your project or ag-regexp if a prefix argument is provided.

Customising the project root

By default, ag-project and ag-project-regexp use the root of the VCS repo as the directory to search in. You can override this by setting or customising ag-project-root-function.

Editing the results inline

wgrep has support for ag.el. If you install wgrep-ag (available on MELPA), you can simply run wgrep-change-to-wgrep-mode and edit the *ag* buffer. Press C-x C-s when you’re done to make the changes to buffers.

Writing Your Own

You can use ag, ag-project and so on from an elisp function. ag/FOO functions are private and are more likely to change. Please file a bug if you find a use for internal functions that you can’t do otherwise.